Double edged Knife


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Custom double edge knife and part is serrated made of scrap stainless steel. Handle is made of cedar wood.

– Blade material: stainless steel
– Thickness: approx. 3.3 mm.
– Total length: approx. 218 mm
– Blade length: 107 mm
– Blade width: 21.5 mm
– Handle length: 108 mm
– Handle: cedar wood

Could be personalised. Carving name on handle.

Knife Care:

-The knife handle is carved from solid hardwood stock and finished with virgin olive oil and beeswax.

-Getting the knife wet occasionally is ok, your knife is water resistant but not waterproof. Water also may dull the surface of the wood.

If the handle gets wet on a daily basis may loose all it’s natural and applied oil and wax, which will cause the wooden handle to dry out.
-Re-applying oil and wax to wooden handle is recommended on an occasional basis to help protect and extend the life of wood. Any natural wood oil and wax should work.

Waxing the handle should be done more often than oiling. Oiling should be done when the knife is starting to show significant wear. Waxing the handle often will help to protect the natural and applied oil in the wood. When oiling the wood you should liberally coat the surface and let the oil soak into the wood for 10-15 minutes before wiping dry with a clean cloth. Waxing the handle should only be done once the oil is dry. To wax the handle, wipe a good amount of the wax on the entire surface of the wooden handle and let sit to dry. Once the wax has sat for 10-15 minutes buff the handle with a clean cloth. The waxing process can be repeated as many times as you like but 2-3 coats is recommended. Remembering to wax your wooden handle occasionally will help to greatly extend the life of your knife.
-It’s important to not let any harsh soap or chemicals soak into the wood as it might damage or discolour the wood. The wooden handle should also be kept from being smashed or come under any sort of pressure or load or any sudden shock like an overzealous high five. This may cause the handle to break.

-Keep the knife blade oiling when not in use for a long time. Recommended using oil or grease thinly on blade. It’s an eternal piece when we take care of it.
-With a certain sense of care, gentleness and occasional maintenance your knife will last for years.


Handmade by Antares